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About the DeckTech Players' Challenge

About The DeckTech Players' Challenge
The DeckTech Players' Challenge is our top tier global tournament structure. Started in 2001, the DPC provide the competitive members of our community the opportunity to test themselves against other competitors in a high quality, high stakes sanctioned format. With large cash prizes and organized by a team of experienced tournament directors and event organizers the DPC promises to be one of the most exciting DeckTech landmarks in recent history.

About DeckTech.net

DeckTech.net is the world's largest online resource for many Card Games. With a database of many thousands of decks, articles, and tournament reports it holds more CCG related content than all other sources on the Internet combined. In addition our community enabled web site uses state-of-the-art web technology to allow real-time updates and global player interaction, for our members. Currently there are over 9,000 members of our online community including many of the top ranked players in the world. With an average 4,000,000 hits per month it's no wonder why Top Deck magazine hailed DeckTech.net as the #1 SW: CCG strategy site on the Internet in November 2000.

About DeckTech Network Inc.

DeckTech Network Inc is the world's largest player service provider for many Card Games™. Whether it is decktech.net, the Internets largest resource for online card game information, or the DeckTech Players' Challenge our top tier global tournament structure, our goal is the same: To build a self sustaining organization that adds entertainment value to the CCGs we all enjoy. It is this commitment that enables us to recruit some of the brightest minds in the CCG world as active contributors and staff members.

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