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Organizing A DPC Can Be Very Rewarding

Coordinating a DeckTech Players' Challenge event can be very rewarding. Here are just a few of the benefits that being the Challenge Coordinator has.

  • The ability to promote the store where the DPC will be held.
  • Free advertisement on DeckTech.net, the top card gaming network on the Internet.
  • Complete flexibility when it comes to the events you run. It can be a large convention style event or a single day of gaming.
  • All profits from your DPC event go to the event coordinator!
  • The DPC Store Host will make money by selling product, food and drinks.

Here are the requirements for organizing a DPC event.

  • You must have access to a venue that can hold 150 gamers.
  • You must agree to complete a pre-event worksheet for DeckTech, Inc. which will include an itinerary of events. This worksheet must be submitted a minimum one month prior to the DPC.
  • You must agree to fill out a post DPC event feedback form, within one week, of the DPC event and send it along with the pictures taken at your event to DeckTech, Inc.
  • You agree to be responsible for pre-registering players prior to the event and holding a registration time the day of the event.
  • You must be approved by the DeckTech Players’ Challenge Approval Board.

If you agree to the above requirements and are interested in organizing a DPC event complete the application below.

DPC Organizer Application
What relevant experience do you have running large gaming events? Why do you think you are qualified to run a DPC?
What major events do you plan on holding?
Where and when do you want to hold your DPC event?
Who do you know that is qualified to judge the events you want to run?

Coming Soon: Challenge Organizer resource section. With all the forms and information you need to organize and run your DPC event flawlessly.

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