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New player created tool for SW:CCG !
scott reports on Wed Aug 2 2006 DeckTech Update
[sw-ip] The 'Star Wars™: Customizable Card Game™ Information Pool'

This free offline-tool provides players with a card database including all texts and stats as well as LS/DS counterpart, cards that pull that card, cards that that card pulls, cancellers .....
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Contest Winners for AAM! Head to Head to commence
DeckTech reports on Thu Jun 15 2006 DeckTech Update
Ok, contestants and others: The first ever Axis and Allies Miniatures contest on DeckTech is now over.

Before getting to the winners (we've listed a top 3 for each), let's take a minute to thank our great sponsor, CardAgora. .....
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Infinite Crisis Preview
DeckTech reports on Tue Apr 25 2006 DeckTech Update
Ok, everyone, thanks to Toby at Metagame, let's check out the newest IC preview The Cloak of Nabu

Wow, hidden characters, and you cant be the target of effects? That's a prety handy piece of equipment. Looks like .....
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All DeckTecher: You are invited to beta test new game from Worlds Apart!
DeckTech reports on Sat Mar 25 2006 DeckTech Update
Greets kiddies! The gentleman at Worlds Apart, the makers of the acclaimed Lord of the Rings TCG online, want to invite all DeckTechers to join them in beta testing a great new game called Auto Assault. This .....
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