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2002 DeckTech Player of the Year

Brian Hunter

DeckTech.net is proud to announce that Brian Hunter is our DeckTech Player of the Year!

Brian amassed a staggering sum of $820 in DeckTech/DPC Organized play this year. This near $1K total spans two games, and Brian's domination of Star Wars CCG this year is the stuff of legend. Placing first in every DPC he attended(!), Brian also qualified for the worlds bye by winning the Denver Open this year. A veteran of many customizable card games, Brian has also become one of the best and most active members of DeckTech.net (and is the Tech point leader by a huge margin). Known for his wit as well as his quality content, it's no surprise that Brian is a favorite here among it's members.

Courtesy of Rook Steel, Brian will receive a special Endura Carrying case with DT PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2002 airbrushed to it.

Let's get a little info about Brian

Full Name: Brian J. Hunter
Date of Birth/Age: 07/25/76 - 26
Place of Residence: Littleton, Colorado
Height/Weight: 6'2"/180 lbs.
One Line Tip for Beginners: Read the cards & Know the Rules
Favorite SW film: Empire Strikes Back
Favorite DS personas: 1) Boba Fett 2) Darth Vader
Favorite LS personas: 1) Wedge Antilles 2) Qui-Gon
Favorite DS cards: 1) Choke Vader 2) Imperial Command
Favorite LS cards: 1) Houjix 2) Still Houjix (light gets beat on a lot)
Favorite quote from Star Wars: "The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded."

Brian Hunter has been playing the game (and competing in tournaments) since Premiere was the only set in town. After winning the very first tournament he attended, he never really looked back. Needless to say, some 8 or 9 hundred games later, it's been quite a run. Here's a sampling of a few of his accomplishments in SWCCG:

  • 1999 Tatooine Regional Championship - 2nd place
  • 2002 Tatooine Regional Championship - 1st place
  • 2001 Denver Open - 1st place
  • 2002 Denver Open - 1st place
  • Phoenix MEGA Tournament - 2nd place
  • Phoenix Grand Slam - 1st place
  • DPC Vegas - 1st place
  • DPC Denver - 2nd place
  • DPC Vegas II - 1st place
  • DPC Houston - 1st place
  • DPC Philly at Fcon II - 1st place
  • Ranked #1 in the world for 4 consecutive years, currently holding the highest rating (2397) in the history of the game.

And now... a little free commentary by Neal Razi

After DPC Houston this year, I had a chance to talk to my good buddy, Justin Warren. Justin, of course, is a great SWCCG player. I asked him how the game went, and he had some interesting comments. When I asked about Brian Hunter, Justin said, "Neal, i'm a good player, but Brian is so on a different level. The guy is awesome."

Also this year, I was talking to Gabe Alonso. The subject of Star Wars CCG came up, and the always entertaining Mr. Alonso said, "I happened to see Brian Hunter playing at DPC Vegas. His opponent could do *nothing*. The guy is like a machine. Every turn, he'd say 'i'll drain you, drain you, drain you, I'll move some guys, go', and his opponent would say, 'I can do nothing'."

So what do you say about a guy like Brian? Well, I finally got to meet Brian at FreedomCon 2, after many email exchanges over the years, and found out what a great guy and nice person he was. Tall and charismatic, armed with a barrage of one liners, the expected precise personality, one of the last "long hairs" left other myself it seems, we really hit it off, and I found myself really laughing while talking to him.

And yet, through our talks, here's Brian, this outstanding card player, I can't help but think that somehow the world of comedy lost a great. This sounds strange I know, but comedians are a pretty consistent mix of serious silliness. With the constant observations, obvious intelligence and flashes of intensity combined with the many cracks and cut ups, the laughing, and the insightful jokes, I kept thinking, "This guy would be a great comedian". Brian would have made one of the all time best straight men, I'm fairly certain. Still, while it's the worlds loss, it's our gain.

Congratulation Brian, great work from all here at DeckTech, both the staff and the players.


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