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Multi-Game Deck List Form
Instead of multiple deck list for each game you can play at a DPC you only need a few copies of this form, one for each deck you bring. Download it, print it, fill it out and bring it with you to the event.

DPC Multi-Game Deck List Form (pdf format, one deck per form)

Registration Form
Download and print out your own DPC registration form.

DPC Registration Form (pdf format, 2 on one page)

Tournament Rules
The Official Penalty Guidelines should provide a structure to help judges determine the appropriate penalty for infractions that occur during the course of a DeckTech Players' Challenge Tournament. These penalties exist to protect players from potential misconduct. All penalties in the Official Penalty Guidelines assume that the infraction is unintentional. If any judge believes that an infraction was intentional, the penalty will be upgraded. If the judge believes that the situation has significant, extenuating circumstances, he, or she, is free to modify the penalty as appropriate (with approval of the Head Judge).

The DPC Official Rules Committee has taken great care to define these penalties in an attempt to discourage bad sportsmanship and other forms of misconduct. In areas that are not covered in the Official Penalty Guidelines the judges are given broad discretion to assign penalties. Each player that attends a DPC event will be responsible to understand and uphold these penalty guideline.

DPC Official Penalty Guidelines (pdf format)

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