Pictures of Florida's Wild Animals


     Crabs are all over Florida being the seaside peninsula that we are. There are, of course, those crabs that live in the ocean, such as blue crabs and those that live on the beach, such as Fiddler Crabs. There are an amazing amount of species. Crabs of course are known for there strange style of walking sideways, and for their Pincers, a very strange and useful appendage. Fiddler Crabs, common on certain beaches, have one very large claw for defense and showing off, and one small claw used for eating. I have many times seen them eating or drinking with their little claw, and it is a humorous and fascinating site.

Back Off, says our little crabby friend. He's trying to decide if he should jump in his little home, or try to scare me off! Get a load of that claw. He may look big here, but he fits in the palm of your hand.

An underwater hermit crab. They protect themselves by living in discarded shells. When they start to outgrow one, they find a new bigger one.

Commonality list

This is my list of the likelihood of seeing various creatures based on my experiences. Of course, you have to be in the right habitat, the odds of seeing a Dolphin in the forest are not very good. Also, these are based a lot on my local area of Hillsborough County (Tampa). A hyperlink means some kind of info and probably some photos are available.


If you are in the appropriate habitat, you should run into one of these. In many cases, you can't avoid them.


These are harder to find. You'll have to spend some time outdoors and probably look a little for these. However, odds are you'll find one after a little effort.


Difficult to find. Usually, it's just luck to find one, or you'll have to look very hard. You'll probably only see one every six months.

Ultra Rare

Very difficult to find. Most people, even people who spend a fair amount of time outdoors, like me, never see one. Consider yourself truely priviledged if you do catch a glimpse of one in the wild.

  • Bald Eagle
  • Florida Panther
  • Bobcat
  • Otter