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About DeckTech

    DeckTech Defined
    "DeckTech" is short for Deck Technology. "Tech" is a word used to describe the latest innovations, techniques, and card selections that work in the current gaming environment. A deck is a subset of cards chosen from the whole set. The right combination of cards (a deck) combined with the ability to play them properly can enable you to win regularly.

    DeckTech is a Community
    It comes as no surprise to us at DeckTech that when we work together we can accomplish much more than when we each try to do our own separate thing. DeckTech is founded on the very principle that everyone has something that they can offer the community. Indeed for this community to work, and grow it requires each member to do it's part. That might be contributing an article our deck or reviewing something for a new player that is struggling to find the right deck to bring this weekend to a tournament.

    Our community is also strongly committed to promoting many various CCG. Through DeckTech enabled community projects we are doing our part to promote Customizable Card Games around the world.

    DeckTech is not a big corporation
    DeckTech Network Inc, has one mission: To build a self sustaining community that adds entertainment value to the CCG we all enjoy. We believe that the games we play are as much about the people that play them as they are about the game itself. If you have ever spent a weekend traveling long distances with a group of friends to play in a tournament you might understand part of what we mean. DeckTech is not a big corporation, it's a small one comprised of a group of players that are interested in promoting our community. We invite you to join us on our quest to build a better community.

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