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Ever wanted to have your own website for your local gaming community but no one had the know-how or the time to do it? Or worse, do you have a site that needs some real help?

DeckTech for Groups is free service provided by DeckTech to enable local gaming group leaders to manage their own high quality gaming web site.

The staff at DeckTech know that having people show up to game nights or tournaments is about two things, keeping them informed and keeping them interested.

DeckTech for Groups gives you the tools to keep your players informed and interested by providing them a community space where they can interact without the 'noise' of the rest of the Internet.

In addition, by linking your online community with a specific geographic location you can find out who in your area uses DeckTech and get notices when new players in your area sign up.

Here is a list of some of the basic features you get with DeckTech for Groups.

  • A News Archive to keep your players informed. You add, via our simple admin interface, the news that is most relevant to your group.
  • A links section to keep all your online resources within easy reach of your groups homepage.
  • A members only message board. Give your players a place to talk about group related topics away from the common DeckTech areas. Best of all you have control over who is allowed to post.
  • Three HTML features. These flexible site components will allow anyone with rudimentary web knowledge to add custom features to their group site.
  • Image Manager: Upload and Manage the images you need for use on your group site.
  • Our unique flexible layout manager puts you in control over what your member sees first. Rearrange your site till it works for you.
  • DeckTech Themes: Looking for something that looks a little different? Change your site to one of the many pre-constructed themes.
  • More....
Heard enough? What are you still doing here? Sign up for your own group Web Site and you could be well on your way to getting your groups attention and keeping it!.

To view a demo group check out the Southern Crane Gamers.

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DeckTech for Groups
DeckTech for Groups enables group leaders to develope their own online presence which helps to promote their local gaming community.

For more information about DeckTech for Groups or to find a specific group go here.
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