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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get non-DeckTech members to join my group?

People must be registered DeckTech members before they join your group. Just let them know that signing up is free, takes about 2 minutes, and they don't have to do anything to join. Then you can either invite them or they can join from your homepage if you have your join box out.

Can anyone get a group or do they have to be a tournament director?

Nope. Anyone can have a group. You can make it for you and your friends or maybe use it to coordinate all the tournament directors in your region.

I own a card store; can I get a group to organize the game schedules in my store?

Sure. Anyone can have a group.

How hard is it, I don't have much experience running a web site.

It's as simple as we could make it and still give you some flexibility. You don't have to upload files or know HTML, though knowing some will help distinguish your group site from the others. There is even a comprehensive user guide that walks you through getting started and has advanced tips and tricks too.

What if my game isn't listed in your game selection?

You can still get a group site. The group site is not specific to certain games so you should be able to use all the features regardless your game. If you want to have your game added to the list, email to get it added.

Does the group site include an email list serve?

The group site does not include a group list-serve. There are plenty of free list serves available. What it does include is the ability to send customized and personal emails to everyone in your group at once.

If I sign up for a group and then make other people group admins can they kick me out of my own group and take it over?

Nope. As the group owner your safe from any hostile takeover attempts. You can't even get rid of yourself.

I can't seem to change an image after I load one in the image 1 slot.

Here is the deal with that. The image does change. But for simplicity purposes it uses the same image name as the previous image. That means you have to refresh your browser in order to see the image. In some cases you must use Cntrl-F5 to refresh (I.E only).

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