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can i join to your group

İstanbul LotR TCG (delete)
Here is, where you will find Turkish players and Turkish organisations. You are welcome to contact us.

.hack//ENEMY Downunder (delete)
.hack//ENEMY and Australia, what more can i say

a xBusta in Seattle (delete)
Seattle Area Gamers Group with a focus on Decipher games. All gamers welcome and all games welcome.

Alabama Lotr Nerds (delete)
A group of alabamians that love lord of the rings.They talk and help each other on decks.

Alaskan Eskimos (delete)
I am an TRUE Alaskan. I am Good in LotR

alaskan eskimos (delete)
a place for people from alsaska to talk about decks and suff

Ankara LOTR TCG players (delete)
The place for LOTR fans from Ankara or anywhere to discuss and enjoy the game.

Atlanta SWCCG Players (delete)
Group for SWCCG players in Atlanta and the South East.

Australian LOTR TCG (delete)
A Site ’DownUnder’for the LOTR TCG. Looking more towards the needs of Australians and hopefully some Kiwi’s.

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