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Welcome to your DeckTech for Groups Web Site

Congratulations on starting a new DeckTech for Groups site. Everything you need to promote your gaming community online is right here. To get started, begin by reading over the User Guide found in your Admin navigation console to the left of this message. The User Guide will tell you everything you need to utilize DeckTech for Groups effectively.

Your group site comes equipped with several basic components that enable you to create your own professional looking gaming site. In addition new components are being added that will further expand your capabilities, components like Group Event Calendar and Newsletter Generators are currently under production.

Thank you for using DeckTech for Groups.

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DeckTech for Groups
DeckTech for Groups enables group leaders to develope their own online presence which helps to promote their local gaming community.

For more information about DeckTech for Groups or to find a specific group go here.

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