Rating: Date:
not reviewed12/31/69
not reviewed01/8/06chargers ( 800 Mixed )
just felt like makin a team with people i dont normally use
not reviewed09/15/051000 Point Weenie Swarm. ( 1000 Mixed )
1000 point team with only one big gun.
not reviewed09/14/05KRYPTONITE ( 400 Mixed )
The bane of the Icons Veteran Superman
not reviewed09/14/05Double Trouble! ( 200 Mixed )
Fast furry females, being flung far for fearsome stuff!
not reviewed09/12/05300 pt Supes ( 300 Mixed )
a 300 pt mixed Superman team
not reviewed09/11/05Got some Icons! ( 400 Mixed )
Team I made off some of the pieces I pulled from Icons.
not reviewed09/1/05nimrod death squad ( 1000 Mixed )
pulse wave and nova blast kills all.
not reviewed09/1/05My first tourny team........??? ( 400 Mixed )
I might work late sunday so I will make my first tournament apperance, hopefully.
not reviewed08/31/05Wildcards rule V2 ( 400 Mixed )
use wildcards to rule by copying many TAs.
not reviewed09/19/05hulk and friends ( 600 Marvel )
this team is about one thing big time damage, let the hulk go crazy and back him up with rest of the team
not reviewed09/24/05Wildcards are awsome!!! ( 400 Mixed )
Use lots of wild cards and blow them away!!!
not reviewed10/4/05600 pt unrestricted ( 600 Mixed )
You want Power I'll give you Power!!
not reviewed01/8/06just felt like makin a team ( 600 Mixed )
stop'em in there tracks
not reviewed01/8/06Magneto rocks ( 500 Mixed )
go perplexers
not reviewed01/1/06running shot rules ( 1400 Mixed )
no tactics just power
not reviewed11/30/05500 Pt Hydra Theme Team ( 500 Fun / Themed )
For a 500 pt, no figure over 100 tourney I have on friday...
not reviewed11/5/05stronge IS BETTER!!!! ( 500 Mixed )
power desroys all dont worry this will be a quick defeat
not reviewed11/5/05YOUR soaring defeat ( 300 Mixed )
death from above runnin and gunnin!!!
not reviewed11/3/05Get Bats ( 800 Fun / Themed )
Watching Batman&Roben I came up with a team to go against any Bats team.

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