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The Idea

These scenarios have been developed with the ultimate goal of bringing about a revolution to Heroclix... A revolution which will make the game we love far more comic book oriented than the usual assasination squads you generally see at tournments, but more competitive than the scenarios that you might have enconutered before.

Our Developers, John Arendt the Heroclix DeckTech.net Admin and owner of CardAgora.com and Brett Seymour, world famous moderator of the fantastic HC Realms, have teamed up, thought out and tested through these great new themes and scenarios with painstaking research.

How to start: Start by reading through the various themes here. Then get a friend or two and begin testing the scenarios. After you experience the fun, think about running yourself or asking your judge to run a scenario tournament!

How it Works

The basic idea is like this: you need to build a hero and a villain themed team from the list of allowable themes, depending on the point values you and your friends agree on playing. When you build your villain theme team, pick a scenario for the villains - each scenario tries to portray a basic comic-book situation that many villain and hero teams encounter.

When you sit down to play, you won't know ahead of time which scenario your opponent's villains will make your hero team try and defeat! And your friends will be surprised against your villain team, too.

For a more in-depth description of how scenarios and themes work, how to run a theme tournament, and new bystander rules, check out the rules section below.

The current rules

Read The Rules

The currently available scenarios

These scenarios are now fully tested:


These are all the scenarios including those still in development:


The currently available themes

Apokoliptic Agenda
Evil DC
Freedom from hate. Freedom from love. Freedom from fear. Freedom from life. Who is the eternal, ...

Enemies of the Bat
Evil DC
“I can hear them in the hallway…howls of laughter, the sound of bones breaking. How did they get ou...

Injustice for All
Evil DC
They have gone by different names throughout the ages, the “Injustice Gang” or “Injustice League” or...

Superman Enemies
Evil DC
It’s not easy being number one. When you are the greatest hero of your time, of any time, you’re bo...

2000AD Villains
Evil Indy
Fire – Fear – Death itself. Pouring out from the Death Dimension come the Dark Judges…who have deem...

Indy Multiverse Villains
Evil Indy
For every light there is a shadow. For every hero that fights the good fight, there is the arch-foe...

Avengers Enemies
Evil Marvel
When you are considered the Earth’s Greatest Heroes…it only stand to reason that you will find yours...

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Evil Marvel
One might think Magneto alone would be enough. But others have taken up his mantle...Mystique, Toad,...

Concrete Jungle
Evil Marvel
You know what they say, it’s a jungle out there. A Concrete Jungle to be exact. Just as the Marvel...

Evil Marvel
Doom’s will is absolute. He has led the forces of evil in Secret Wars, and colluded with other fien...

Galactic Might
Evil Marvel
In theory, Galactus is morally ambivalent, neither good nor evil...he exists only to maintain the ba...

Evil Marvel
Wealth is power. Mutation is super-power. Combine the two, and you get the Hellfire Club, super-po...

Evil Marvel
When the world is full of superheroes, organized crime must be more than a few gangsters in cheap su...

Mystic Invaders
Evil Marvel
There are whole planes of existence virtually unknown to man. Other worlds, other dimensions. Thes...

Project Wideawake
Evil Marvel
Mutants are a menace to human society. They must be dispatched in the most efficient way possible. ...

Survival of the Fittest
Evil Marvel
Born En Saban Nuhr thousands of years ago, the mutant now known as Apocalypse has one credo - Only t...

The Serpent Society
Evil Marvel
The Serpent Society is one of the most successful criminal organizations in the Marvel Universe. No...

The Skrull Alliance
Evil Marvel
Skrulls have fought the Fantastic Four and Avengers in the past, and the Brood have frequently encou...

Government Agents
Good DC
Lex Luthor is president. Hold on to your hat… The Government Agents theme lets you play as Presi...

Guardians of Gotham
Good DC
In every dark corner of Gotham City there is a crime waiting to be committed. But those that prey o...

Justice League, Unlimited
Good DC
The Titans teach you how to be family, the JSA teaches you to be a hero, but the league…the League t...

Legion of Super Heroes
Good DC
In the far future, heroes won’t be in league, they will be LEGION. Join the heroes of a hundred wor...

Teen Titans
Good DC
What do teenage heroes do on the weekends? They hang with the Teen Titans of course! Almost more o...

The Justice Society of America
Good DC
The first super-team, the inspiration for all of those to come. Span the generations and fight alon...

2000AD Heroes
Good Indy
The year is 2023, and the world has been ravaged by war and overpopulation. Mega City One rises fro...

Indy Multiverse Heroes
Good Indy
A baby demon. A mystical gauntlet handed down through the ages. Face painted assassins. These are...

Classic X-men
Good Marvel
Mutation…the key to evolution. The process is slow, taking thousands of years. But every so often, e...

Department H
Good Marvel
Deep in the heart of Canada, the Weapon X project was born. But Wolverine wasn't the only hero to s...

Earths Mightiest Heroes
Good Marvel
Avengers Assemble! The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes theme is the home of the Avengers and their closest...

Fantastic Four
Good Marvel
The first family of Marvel. Four friends…four adventurers, four people forever changed by a cosmic ...

Marvel Knights
Good Marvel
Thor can carry the weight of a skyscraper on his back. Iron Man has more power than a squad of figh...

New X-Men
Good Marvel
Magneto and Professor X once represented the extremes of the mutant-rights issues. But now there ar...

Good Marvel
Supreme Headquarters of the International Espionage and Law enforcement Division. The name pretty m...

Star Empire
Good Marvel
Millenia ago, the Shi'ar evolved away from their avian ancestory...trading wings to fly for sharper ...

Strange Allies
Good Marvel
The Eye of Agamatto. The Book of the Vishanti. The Darkhold. Mystic talismans all, tools used by ...

The Ultimate Fighting Force
Good Marvel
The next war will be a genetic one. The U.S. government doesn’t intend to lose that war. Their gre...

Ultimate X-Men
Good Marvel
The Universe may be different, but the dream is the same…the peaceful co-existence of man and mutant...

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