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      Learn the latest strategy and techniques from some of the worlds greatest players. From the simplest deck building techniques to the most complex mathematical formulas, DeckTech articles cover them all. Of course, DeckTech is a public forum which means for every good quality article posted, there might be two ridiculous ones to wade through. Take some time to browse through and you will find that the search is well worth it.
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      Card Advantage: Part 2
      Mark "Rogue Nine" Balderston
      This article will go into detail about gaining the card advantage, how to use it, and risk versus reward. All the following are ways to gain the card advantage.
      Does Anybody Know Where We're Going?
      Kimberly "Leia" Caton
      There's a lot of different places in Middle Earth where we can end up, and as any solider can tell you, controlling the battleground can let you control the battle. My sites are very carefully chosen, and in making sure that they hit the table, I'm giving myself an enormous advantage.
      The Cave Troll Rampant
      By J. D. Vann
      Can't get your Cave Troll to work? Maybe your playing the big guy all wrong. Find out!
      The Right Cards at the Right Time
      By Marc 'Witch-King' Thery
      How can you manage to have the right card when you need it? Find out how!
      How to make a competitive LOTR deck without selling you're first born
      By: Adam "VincentVega" Beauchamp and Wesley "Evil" Addison
      Our first in the budget deck series, you can be competitive without a bunch of rares!
      Card Advantage Part One: An Introduction
      By Mark "Rogue Nine" Balderston
      What is card advantage and why is it important in the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game?
      Everything you ever wanted to know about building an Elf deck, and more!
      By Jeremy "JerUNH" Oakes
      Have you ever wonder why almost everyone is playing Elven decks? Well the reason is quite simple, Elves are machines!
      Lord of the Rings Tournaments 101
      By William Diniega
      For a first time card player that has never experienced a sanctioned tournament, it may be a nerve-racking ordeal, but it shouldn't be. Find out what to expect.
      Direct Damage in the Lord Of The Rings TCG
      By Marc 'Witch-King' Thery
      In most CCGs, a common tactic to win is by inflicting 'direct damage'. Find out how!
      Lord of the Rings, the Card Game
      By David Akers
      A pre-release review.
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