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      Welcome to

      Welcome to DeckTech's Middle-Earth Outfitters, the online store where you can exchange those hard earned Tech Points for legal tender Bree money (silver pieces) in order to purchase items and skills that give you more power and flexibility over DeckTech's site for the Lord of the Rings trading card game.

      I am the proprietor of this fine establisment, Gimealya Greenbuck. Let me begin by telling you a little about the items you can find here at the Middle-Earth Outfitters.

      We (my nephew and I) sell possessions of all types, from armor, weapons, lessons (which give you skills), and any other supplies you might need on your journey through this web site.

      Some possession have limited uses and are gone once they are expended others last indefinitely. Most grant the owners special properties on this web site that are only available to the owners of those possessions. Some might give you a real world benefit, such as a 20% discount on partner stores online, or free admission into DeckTech's Lord of the Rings events.

      One word of warning however, we only believe in selling the best, but quality always comes at the expense of quantity. Most of our possessions are limited and once they are gone, it might be some time before we get another shipment of the same possessions if at all!

      Well that should answers some of the questions you have about possessions and the Middle-Earth Outfitters. Feel free to take a look at the available inventory we have in stock!

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