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      About the Game

      Star Wars TCG is a fast playing conflict simulation of the exciting events in the Star Wars films. The epic conflict between good and evil, light and dark is simulated by putting you in command of the different forces at the disposal of the Dark Side and Light Side of the Force.

      As the commander, you are in charge of constructing forces for use in three arenas: Space, Ground, and Personal combat arenas. With a limited number of resources, you must choose your expenditures wisely! Lose one Arena and lose resource production, but lose two, and you lose the war, and the game.

      Once constructed, you must also control the combat between the forces, by not only choosing their battle tactics, but also carefully managing the Force. Using the Force can drastically alter the outcome of battles, but beware: Even Jedi have their limits to use of the Force. Also, there are quite a few surprises in store with secretive Missions and Battle Cards, which can drastically change the course of the best laid plans.

      Fast moving, exciting, and very strategic, the Star Wars Trading Card game will excite and challenge as you attempt to either take control of the Republic, or defend it from the forces of evil!

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