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      Why players agree DeckTech is #1

      Log in to DeckTech for the first time and you can't help but notice features and technology that sets DeckTech head-and-shoulders above any other gaming web site on the Internet.

      Designed by a team of avid card gamers and professional web developers, DeckTech is the original card gaming network that many others try to emulate. But why is DeckTech singled out and consistently rated as the #1 site for card gaming info and strategy? Perhaps it is some of our unique features.

      Features like:

      • D-mail
        Members get access to our internal messaging system. Communicate with players from all around the world without giving out your personal information.
      • Member Pages
        Your own customizable mini-site that allows you post issues and concerns, have-wants, tournament schedules and other card game related information. We provide the space and technology; you customize the site with your own content and graphics.
      • Peer Review
        The ability to submit decks and articles in real-time to the global community to have those submission reviewed and critiqued by some of the worlds top rated players and the ability to review and rate other members submissions and interact with them through their d-mail account to find out the 'behind the scenes' of how their deck works.
      • Buzz Board
        Say what is on your mind! This message board system gives you the perfect place to shout out your opinion. Stay up to date on the latest rumors and news about of Star Wars TCG.
      • Monthly Contest
        Check out our ongoing monthly contest! Win cards and other LotR prizes by submitting articles, decks and tournament reports! The first round of our contest qualifying is judged by our peer review system so you can even help determine who should be rewarded.
      Sure the site has more features than any other gaming web site but DeckTech is more than a great web site about the Star Wars Trading Card Game.

      DeckTech is designed for the card gamers. That's why another reason DeckTech is highly rated might be our ability to support local and virtual online communities via our Group Sites. Where else can you and a few of your friends get your own personalized card game themed web site to promote your local tournament scene?

      With more card gaming features than you will find on Yahoo groups or any other online group site, DeckTech for Groups will help you get your local tournament scene off the ground.

      But DeckTech isn't just about organizing players into a collection of small local groups, DeckTech has had real success in organizing world-wide efforts to bring quality events to gamers all over the world.

      In the year 2001 alone we handed out over $18,000 in cash and prizes to card gamers all around the world. What other fan-based site can come close to that? With our online contest, and large event promotions DeckTech continues to add entertainment value to our favorite card games both online and off. Don't get the wrong impression; it's not all about having fun and getting cool prizes. Being a member of the global DeckTech community means sharing in our sense of purpose and community awareness.

      This year our members raised more than $1,300 through DeckTech sponsored events for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, to aid the victims of the recent terrorist tragedy.

      Is it any wonder with our contest, events, and community awareness that DeckTech is covered more consistently in magazines and periodicals than most other gaming sites on the Internet combined? In 2001 alone we were covered in 6 publications including being named the #1 Web Site for Star Wars CCG by Top Deck Magazine.

      You would think we all this success behind us the DeckTech staff would be satisfied and just take a break. No Way! With 2001 nearly over and 2002 on the horizon, we are energetically looking for ways to improve DeckTech.

      Our just released Star Wars TCG site has brand-new features that have never before been available on any card gaming web site. Features like:

      • Card Browser
        We match the cards in your deck list with the correct image of the card so people can see and understand how your deck works.
      • Jedi Academy
        You earn tech points by submitting material. Now you can use those points to purchase online Jedi Powers that will give you more control and greater benefits for using the site. Some Jedi Powers even provide the owner discounts on cards and additional chances to win random prizes. Through The Jedi Academy DeckTech rewards players for their hard work!
      • Extended Search
        Now you can search tournament reports, decks and articles. Find what you are looking for and find it now!
      But we are not stopping there! Look for more exciting features, contest, and International Versions of our popular sites coming soon!

      With all of this, it's not hard to see why DeckTech is the #1 fan-based site for the Star Wars TCG. If you have not already signed up for your free membership, take a few minutes to complete the process. By joining the leading online community for Star Wars TCG you can take part in shaping the future of the game.

      DeckTech, for the players, by the players

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