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Through a vast tear in the fabric of the universe, alien warriors emerge to fight an already embattled humanity. The sky is burning. The Gateless Gate has opened. The cosmic rip meanders like a burning string across the galaxy and slices through the asteroid field near the orbit of Jupiter. The great opening becomes known as, 'The Gateless Gate'..."

WARS™, a proprietary science fiction property and trading card game from Decipher has the same game mechanics that made Star Wars CCG one of the industry's leading core products. The familiar game system is combined with an all-new science fiction setting, Joseph Campbell sensibility, and near limitless creation of new locations, powerful characters, and cool weapons. Former Star Wars CCG players who fondly remember the flow of The Force, destiny draws, and Force-draining will find familiar mechanics and much more. Advanced TCG players looking for a new challenge will discover a multi-faceted combat system that provides movement among multiple theaters and a play experience unlike any other TCG.


See Decipher for more details.

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